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About us

Welcome to Sentinel Technology Services, Intl. Inc. Founded in 2012, we are located in the city of Mount Vernon NY. Sentinel has a rich history of completing a wide spectrum of sustainable projects that integrate renewable, clean energy solutions into new construction & existing facilities.

Our practice includes weaving training, education & sustainable green job creation into all of our construction projects. Our Workforce Development Programs includes a comprehensive skills based curriculum. This curriculum trains residents in the communities that we operate, not just how to earn a minimum wage, but we teach them how to earn a living wage.

Sentinel has honed the skills necessary to navigate any challenge that may arise. We bring innovative problem-solving to the table, suggesting unconventional yet effective solutions that prioritize both cost and time efficiency.

Our clients span multiple vertical markets from banking, to Industrial, Utilities, Healthcare, Construction & Large Property Owners.

Our Mission

With over a decade of experience, Sentinel is a vertically integrated company focused on providing the latest in green, energy-efficient, sustainable products. Our unmatched combination of products and services, including turnkey electrical design, installation and maintenance, gives our customers a “one stop shop” partner as they strive to become more energy efficient and meet their ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) goals.

Through our registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, we mentor, educate, train & hire local constituents. Our education programs put our graduates on track to fully participate in the new ‘green economy’. Our training programs have become the standard in sustainable workforce development.

Join us

Beyond bricks and mortar, our primary goal is to realize our client's ambitions and foster enduring relationships. Your project's success is not merely a completion milestone but a shared legacy between Sentinel and you, our valued client. Join us as we build a future integrating green energy solutions and sustainable building practices, into the fabric of our innovative projects.

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