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Solar Solutions

Go Solar Go Green!

Sentinel Technology Services, Intl. Inc provides reliable, affordable, renewable solar solutions.

Designing buildings with solar in mind gives great long-term savings and a fast ROI. Every system is designed to each of our customers unique application, depending on rooftop size, condition, and shading.

With solar solutions from Sentinel Technology Services, Intl. Inc., we show our customers how:

✔︎ Their idle roof can become a working asset
✔︎ Parking spaces can be covered with solar panels
✔︎ Building features can be designed to generate power and upgrade your company’s space

sentinel ev charging
sentinel ev charging

Electrical Supplies

We partner with well-known industry manufacturers to provide electrical supplies. Including, but not limited to products such as:

✔︎ Cabling
✔︎ Surge Protection devices
✔︎ Dimmers
✔︎ Switches
✔︎ Electrical Connectors

Battery/ESS (Energy Storage System)

Our product offering extends to offering the latest in Battery/ESS (Energy Storage Systems). Breakthroughs in battery technology are paving the way to a more secure and sustainable energy future. As the costs of battery storage drop and demand rises, battery storage adoption and integration with solar and EV Charging becomes easier and more accessible. This reality boosts our customers savings and creates a greater positive impact on sustainability and resiliency.

Some of the Benefits of Battery/ESS Storage Systems:

✔︎ Reduce Customer Demand on the electric grid by using stored renewable energy during times of high grid demand.
✔︎ Avoid downtime during damaging natural disasters and extreme weather events
✔︎ Store low-cost Solar Energy (for when the sun isn’t shining)

sentinel ev charging Newly constructed community with Battery/ESS placed strategically throughout the community

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