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Sentinel International

Global Expansion (South Korea)

SENTINEL's Foreign Exchange Scholarship Opportunity for Mount Vernon Students & Teachers To Study In South Korea.

In 2017, Sentinel made a huge leap of advancement in creating opportunities and revitalization for the community by initiating an International foreign exchange agreement between Baruch College of New York City and Chonnam National University of South Korea. This agreement created a pipeline for inner-city students and teachers to participate in an inter-cultural learning environment.

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(Image: Sentinel attendees; Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow; and Korean delegation touring the Baruch College campus.)

This historic signing coordinated by Sentinel; was accompanied by Baruch College Provost and Sr.Vice-President Dr. David Christy. Baruch College Alumni, Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow; and President of Chonnham National University, Dr. Byungseok Jeong along with Korean Delegation.

This agreement was created for students and teachers alike; giving them the opportunity to enhance foreign language, intercultural skills and establish friendships with local students at leading academic institutions.

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A photo of the Beautiful City of Gwanju, South Korea during Sentinel's tour

Sentinel visits the city of Gwanju, South Korea for educational tour

In 2012, Sentinel took a tour in efforts to expand technological resources and build international rapport; travelling to the City of Gwanju, South Korea and visiting premier technology companies.

Sentinel is one of the primary distributors for Kumho Electronics in the North-East American Region.

(Images: President/CEO Terrence Horton during his tour of RFSemi's South Korean technology facility)

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In 2014, Sentinel traveled to Gwangju, South Korea and a friendship agreement was signed between both municipalities. Also signed was an international trade agreement between Gwangju based Soosung Electronics, and Sentinel Technology Services International.

In 2017, President/CEO Terrence Horton and Former Councilman Steven Horton went on a private-mission trip to the city of Gwanju, South Korea upon request and invitation from the Government of Gwanju, South Korea.

During this time, Sentinel was able to visit and build rapport with overseas corporations such as KEPCO (the largest utility company in the world), while also making time to attend KAPID (Korean Association for Photonics Industry Development) matchmaking sessions where we were able to create new relationships with overseas buyers face-to-face.

This trip was an enormous success, solidifying Sentinel as the Northeast Distribution Hub, learning center for advanced Green Technologies and shared commerce alliance with Gwanju, South Korea.

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In 2017, President/CEO Terrence Horton, Steven Horton and South Korean delegates showing solidarity

United Nations for Gwanju

Sentinel made a historic visit to the United Nations in New York City to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the May 18th Democratic Uprising in Gwanju, South Korea. Sentinel demonstrated dedication and compassion for the Great People of South Korea; to date there has only been 2 other countries to have such similar historic accounts read-in to the official UN records. This convocation provided the opportunity for nations globally to come together and seek political and historical common ground in the wake of the democratic uprising of 1980.

CEO Terrence Horton; 2-graduates of Sentinel's SVAT academy; former Councilmen Steven Horton, current Councilman Marcus Griffith and publisher of the Mount Vernon Inquirer Joe Parisi were in attendance.

Also in attendance, Mayor of Gwangju Yoon Jang-hyun. Cho-Tae-yul, Permanent Representative of theRepublic of Korea to the United Nations and U.S. Congressman Thomas R. Suozzi.

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Distinguished members of the Korean delegation that attend the 1st and only exhibit in the U.S. on the same day of the minutes being read into history at the United Nations.

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Sentinel welcomed Gwanju, South Korea representatives to the Mount Vernon Public Library to commemorate the historic reading into the notes at the United Nations of the May 18th Democratic Uprising. Given Mount Vernon's historic role in the advancement of a free press and democracy in colonial america, this was the golden opportunity to commemorate in accordance with the historic bravery demonstrated by the citizens of Gwanju on May 18th, 1980.

This reception honored and paid reverence to the victims of the May 18th democratic uprising while also creating the opportunity to expand the international relationship between Gwanju and Mount Vernon.

Sentinel was liaison between Gwanju, South Korea and Mount Vernon, continuously improving this international relationship.

Sentinel created the opportunity for Mount Vernon to build an international relationship with an economic powerhouse in the far-East of the World.

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