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Sentinel Vocational

Apprentice Training


Our Mission

Sentinel Vocational Apprentice Training’s (SVAT) mission is to train and implement a substantive vocational program for New York Metropolitan residents and beyond. As a New York State recognized apprenticeship program and a federally recognized 501 (C) 3 non-profit, SVAT provides training to individuals that prepares them to operate in a professional capacity.

Green construction technology paves the way for workforce development using science and innovation. Therefore, SVAT provides instructional apprenticeship training in the green areas of LED lighting, solar cell systems, and energy-efficient HVAC.

3-Part Program

Mentorship Providing support and direction that program participants need to succeed
Vocational Training Providing participants tools to build their futures
Career Development Encouraging participants to take steps to financial security

About SVAT

SVAT was founded in 2013, under the stewardship and direction of Terrence Horton, a career developer and former Commissioner of Public Works in Mount Vernon, NY. Recognizing the substantial need for apprentice training within his department workforce, Mr. Horton, along with key founding board members, set out to develop a dynamic program for the community-at-large. Program participants graduate OSHA certified with entry level competency in the basic construction areas of carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Participants will also receive exposure to the latest developments in sustainable technologies.

Since its founding, SVAT has enjoyed tremendous success along with its two sister corporations, Sentinel Construction, and Sentinel Technology Services International (STSI)- which recently executed an international trade agreement between South Korean-based LED manufacturer Soosung. By virtue of this agreement, SVAT is poised to provide viable job opportunities in advanced lighting for area residents for many years to come.

The New York Metropolitan area is constantly undergoing development. The cornerstone of a comprehensive plan must include a method in which local residents can participate in socioeconomic uplift. Substantive apprenticeship training programs, like SVAT, help to develop the quality of the community labor force. Through vision, eco-technology and instruction join SVAT in creating the green workforce of the future.

Download our SVAT Overview:

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