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EV Charging

The electric revolution is here

Sentinel Technology Services, Intl. Inc. is proud to be a huge part of it by selling & installing EV Charging Stations from some of the largest and most widely recognized brands.

Our commercial Charging Stations can be installed in existing or newly constructed Commercial Buildings, Multifamily residences, Retail locations or fleet depots.

By installing charging infrastructure in our community and business, we will be supporting emissions free transportation, attracting tourists, visitors, tenants & shoppers, all while adding value to our customers properties.

sentinel ev charging
sentinel ev charging

Onboard & Support Services

Planning, Installing, Launching & supporting the rollout of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions takes a unique, well trained skill set. We know that many communities and organizations are looking for ways to reduce pollution, convert fleets, increase tourism, and show their commitment to sustainability. That is why offering initial and ongoing support services is critical to our success and the success of our customers EV Charging projects.

Service Features

Meet with the utility on behalf of our customers to understand any infrastructure that needs to be in place to support their charging infrastructure plans.
Assist customer in finalizing the charging level that they need, the best location for the charging infrastructure and any upgrades they may need on their side to support the new charging stations.
Procure incentives for customers who install EV charging infrastructure. This could range from rebates to time of use rates, charging rates or even elimination of Demand Charges.
Help the customer to determine how their charger(s) will be maintained.

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