power factor correction systempower factor correction systempower factor correction systempower factor correction systempower factor correction system

Automatic Power Factor
Correction System

What is Power Factor?

Inductive loads require two kinds of current:

Working/Real power (kW): Performs the actual work of creating heat, lights, motion, machine output, and so on

Reactive power (kVAR): Reactive power does not perform useful “work.” It places a heavier drain on the power source, as well as on the power source’s distribution system.

Power Factor = the ratio of the real power (which does useful work) to the apparent power.

power factor correction system


power factor correction system


The System calculates the Delta

power factor correction system

Benefits of Adopting OmniPower™

Power Factor(PF) indicates how much power is being used to perform useful work and how much power is being wasted. Wasted power is power that the utility still charges companies for. Improved Power Factor:

✔︎ Reduces a facility’s overall “Demand Charges”
✔︎ Reduces a facility’s monthly utility bill by 15%-30%
✔︎ Significantly reduces the facility’s carbon footprint

Approved by NYSERDA & adopted Con Edison utility, our OmniPower™ Automatic Power Factor Correction System is the only system in existence that:

✔︎ Automatically analyzes power factor efficiency
✔︎ Dynamically detects and adjusts power factor to a perfect >0.98 PF
✔︎ Offers 24/7/365 continuous remote monitoring
✔︎ Real-time alert and system reporting

Additional Benefits of Adopting OmniPower™

Prolongs the life of equipment by eliminating electrical surges in






Multiple Phase Engines

Additional Benefits
to a Facility

Reduction of monthly electric power bill by up to 30%

Reduces Co2 emissions by up to 20%

Eliminate spikes & harmonics within a facility

Delivers “clean power” & reduces maintenance on electrical motors


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